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Hi, welcome to BrokenYolkAG.

Coming from a big family in a small rural town, animals and responsibility were a very important part of my life. Having your own garden and feeling a sense of accomplishment to plant your own food and preserve it. To recognize and embrace caring for another creature and what their role may be in the circle of life. I carried these lessons into adulthood and now my husband and I have a hobby farm of our own that serves both pets and home grown food on the table.

Why BrokenYolkAG?

My grandchildren get to witness new lives coming into this world and unfortunately sometimes leaving this world but will grow up with a better understanding of that circle and the rewards of life on the farm. I want to share with and provide a place for others to purchase the means to take care of and nourish their own small farm desires in hopes they find the same peace and satisfaction that my family has.

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