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42/56 Egg Fully Automatic Incubator

42/56 Egg Fully Automatic Incubator

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Introducing our 42/56 Egg Fully Automatic Incubator – the ultimate solution for all your egg incubation needs. Designed with precision and innovation, this incubator is a must-have for both novice and experienced poultry enthusiasts.

Built-in Egg Candler: Our incubator is equipped with a built-in egg candler, allowing you to easily monitor the development of your eggs without the need for additional tools. This feature helps you ensure the health and growth of your future chicks.

Two Size Options: Choose between our 42-egg and 56-egg capacity models, depending on your specific requirements. Whether you're hatching a small batch or a larger flock, we've got you covered.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship: Crafted with superior materials and delicate workmanship, our incubator is built to last. You can trust its durability and safety for years of use, providing a secure environment for your precious eggs.

Efficient Heat Preservation and Energy-Saving Performance: Our incubator excels in heat preservation, maintaining a consistent temperature for optimal hatching conditions. Plus, its energy-saving design ensures cost-efficient operation.

Convenient Temperature Control: Take control of the incubation process with ease. Our user-friendly temperature control system allows you to set and maintain the perfect environment for successful hatching.

Compact and Lightweight: The mini size and lightweight design make this incubator ideal for both home and professional use. It won't take up much space, and you can move it around effortlessly.

Effective Hot Air Channel Circulation: The hot air channel circulation system ensures uniform heating throughout the incubator, creating a stable environment conducive to healthy chick development.

Enlarged Grid Size: We've thought of everything. The enlarged grid size prevents newly hatched chicks from accidentally falling down, ensuring their safety during the crucial early stages.

Water Injection Hole: Adding water to maintain humidity levels is a breeze with our convenient water injection hole. No need to disrupt the incubation process to ensure the right moisture balance.

Automatic Turner and User Manual: Say goodbye to manual egg turning. Our incubator features an automatic turner, saving you time and effort. And if you ever need guidance, the included user manual provides step-by-step instructions for hassle-free operation.

At, we understand the importance of nurturing your poultry from the very beginning. Our 42/56 Egg Fully Automatic Incubator is your reliable partner in achieving successful hatching results. Invest in quality, convenience, and efficiency – choose our incubator and watch your future flock hatch with care and precision.


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